Patricia Hilton

Providing Visual Inspiration
to Spark Collaboration and Learning


Graphic Facilitation Graphic Recording Communication Design

Working with your team to plan a realistic, well-sequenced agenda; create visual templates; and determine the group process techniques that will most effectively address the session's outcome...more


Creating a visual record of meetings, workshops, and conference proceedings, in which I use symbols, words, and visual metaphors to enhance shared understanding...more Creating communication tools, incorporating or supplementing words to convey complex projects or concepts...more
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Organizations engaged:
American Joint Committee on Cancer
American Medical Association
Baldrige Fellowship Program
Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
CSI, Incorporated
Central New Mexico Community College
Deloitte Accounting and Consulting
Frostburg State University
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Kiwanis of West Virginia
Lehigh University
Nat'l Asn. for College Admission Counseling
Nat'l Asn. of Community Health Centers
National Association of Social Workers
National Ice Cream Retailers Association
National Institutes of Health
National Renewable Energy Lab
National Science Foundation
SRA International, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts

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